Reach & Wash

The reach and Wash system is a relatively new method of cleaning which has revoloutionised the cleaning industry, because the benefits far outweigh any other cleaning methods.

By using 100% pure water Tom the Window Cleaner is able to clean windows to a height of 65ft (6 floors) from the safety of the ground. There are no health & safety risks impeding its use in any way, thus making it by far the safest and most cost effective cleaning method, whilst still maintaining excellent results.

Windows are cleaned with greater efficiency than other methods. Tom the Window Cleaner is able to clean the glass, the frames, and the sills all at the same time to a spot free finish. This cleaning method eliminates the need for ladders, but also enables us to clean previously innaccesible windows with ease, such as windows above conservatories and dorma windows and skylights.

No detergents or chemicals are used whatsoever, thus making this method of window cleaning much more environmentally friendly.

Reach & Wash explained

Normal tap water is first purified using DI resin beads. This removes all minerals and impurities found in standard tap water such as magnesium and iron. This makes the water 100% pure. The water is then fed up through the waterfed poles and sprayed onto the glass. The brush loosens the dirt on the glass, the dirt is absorbed into the water, and then the window is then given a rinse off which leaves the glass near on sterile by washing away all contaminates. The glass is then left to dry to a spot free finish with no need to dry.

If you have previously had a traditional window cleaner who uses detergent, it may initially take up to three cleans with the waterfed pole system before the windows appear spot and streak free. This is because the detergent leaves a film of grease on the windows which, until completely removed, interferes with the pure water.

Reach & Wash Facts

  • Able to clean up to 65 feet ( 6 floors)
  • Glass and upvc cleaned at no extra cost
  • Eliminates danger of ladders
  • Operators work from the safety of the ground
  • Reaches previously innaccesible windows above conservatories and dormas
  • Environmentally friendly as no detergents are used
  • Maintains privacy, and reduces disturbance to outside areas